Not for nothing.

I bought the “collector’s edition” of the CBS show “WISEGUY” which aired back in the late 80’s (87 -90). I watched this show when I was in my teens and it indirectly influenced my life in a lot of ways. Especially the story arc that dealt with Mel and Susan Prophet. 

So as I watched the episodes whenever I found time I evebtually got to the Shakala record company storyline. It wasn’t there. The previous storyline ended and then the next episode jumped about 7 episodes. I caught it right away cause I saw these episodes when they actually aired over 25 years ago. I was upset to say the least cause I was looking forward to reliving those episodes.

I checked online and I was right. There were 75 episodes and the dvd box set says it has 67 episodes. Would it have killed whoever to have 1 more dvd recorded with those missing 8 episodes?

Not for nothing….but it made me feel like I was cheated out on something.


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