over the edge

appreciate what you have today. love it as if it will be gone tomorrow. 

or else keep taking it for granted and keep pushing it away and

tomorrow it will be gone. 

Force Majeure

Faithful and true.
Loyal to a fault.
Played by the rules.
Sacrificial lamb.
I let it all slide.

Doubts and lies.
My faith you have lost.
You never had faith in me.
Now I play the game.
By my own rules.

A raging storm has been building
Moment by moment
Lie after lie.

This phoenix will rise
Like a dragon.
The wolves will howl for
My return.

……force majeure.


Rage has no fukin definition to express my sentiments at this moment. Stone cold fukin rage if that is even a feeling. I can feel the core of rage centering within in me. The storm is here. The Black storm.

Angels be with me tonight.
Angels be with me tonight.