Treat others like shit and get shit returned to you

Onto other subjects…..

You are worthless and your whole existence is miserable because you are self centered, narcissitic, and worthless. You blame everyone else for your problems instead of seeing the way you are, the way you act, the way you treat others. Day after day you sink further into your pit of misery because you place blame on others instead of placing blame on yourself. You make excuses for your faults and for the results and effects of those faults. You dwell on the negatives of your life yet never seek solutions. You won’t admit that you were to blame for your relationships failing. You are not the center of the universe. Your life is shit becaue you made your life shit. You treat others in a negative way and you receive negativity in your life. You expect others to do what you want and when others don’t do it you get angry and verbally negative. You preach to others how they wrong you yet you do not see how you wrong others. You get what you give. Judge yourself first before you start pointing fingers at others. You live as you are holier than others but it shows easily how wrong you are. How wrong you think. You make our lives miserable because you are a miserable person. You threaten us on a daily basis. No one cares for your bullshit because you are a child, a 42 year old child. You throw tantrums when you can’t get what you want….its ridiculous the way you act but no one can tell you anytbhing because in your mind you do no wrong and everyone is against you. The biggest person who is against you is you. You are your own enemy. Your mind is diseased. If only there was a mirror for you to see the way you are…even then I don’t think you would admit you are fault even if it were shown in its entirety to your face. You should be ashamed and embarrassed for your attitude and actions. I am ashamed and embarrassed that you are a part of my family.  Because of the way you treat and have treated my parents you are nothing to me.

Force Majeure

Faithful and true.
Loyal to a fault.
Played by the rules.
Sacrificial lamb.
I let it all slide.

Doubts and lies.
My faith you have lost.
You never had faith in me.
Now I play the game.
By my own rules.

A raging storm has been building
Moment by moment
Lie after lie.

This phoenix will rise
Like a dragon.
The wolves will howl for
My return.

……force majeure.